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What our clients have to say…

My son was struggling in school when he began the SOI program. There is no doubt that it turned him around. Now he is in third year at Simon Fraser and making great marks. I am so grateful to a program that truly worked!

- Bev McLellan, New Westminster

I’m so pleased at the progress of one of our younger students. Not only was there a dramatic improvement in his grades but also in the way he relates to others. His self confidence has really improved. Where once he was withdrawn, now he is social and outgoing.

- SOI / IPP teacher Shanti Supernant, Vancouver

I’ve been using the SOI program with one of my younger students and for the first time in his life he has friends. His parents are ecstatic!”

- SOI teacher Lisa Issacson, Vancouver Island

What is SOI?

SOI is a set of tools based on J.P. Guilford’s Structure of Intellect (SOI) theory to help students and adults improve their learning abilities. By focusing on improving the underlying brain functions that are impeding their progress, we see huge gains in overall cognitive function, and even the remediation of learning disabilities. SOI learning programs range from readiness in kindergarten, to training and career counseling in industry, to rehabilitation in corrections. Anyone can benefit from SOI, from beginning learners to the learning disabled, to the academically gifted. SOI can offer this broad range of testing, teaching, and training services because it is based on a proven theory of human intelligence.

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What’s New

We will be holding a Certified IPP Training  session on Feb. 13  and 14, 2018  in Burnaby (click here to see location on map). Advanced registration is required. Please call 604-782-2844.

Certified SOI Basic Training will be held April 24, 25 and 26, 2018 . Location Burnaby, B.C.  To register email  or call 604-782-2844.

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Resources for Professionals

We offer training programs for professionals wishing to incorporate SOI into their services.

We supply SOI training materials that can be ordered through simple online order forms

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